What We Do

Your Ordinary is Our Extraordinary

In the distribution and robotic integrator arena, many companies are specialists, offering a few targeted solutions. We’re the opposite. We are generalists. We’ve designed hundreds of solutions, all exceptional and engineered to last.

We are an engineering research and design company, offering custom manufacturing solutions to distribution industries. We start with your design challenge and bring you an original solution. We’ll analyze your system requirements, make suggestions on improvements or alternatives to the proposed model, provide an approved design plan for automation and put your machine into production. We will also provide testing, documentation, training and parts as part of our service.

Our design culture?

-Minimize equipment and machining complexity
-Minimize stock and fastener sizes
-Utilize pre-engineered commercial components
-Manufacturing drawings come from parametric 3-D models
-Electronics and pneumatics included in mechanical designs
-All first-time inquiries look like 4th or 5th generation products
-Machine guarding, wiring and plumbing 5/5 stars

We also support robot integrators and love serving up creatively engineered designs. If you are a robot integrator, we are uniquely able to meet your specification requirements, for any manufacturing system application. We have designed packaging and material handling systems for Amazon, Caterpillar, FedEx, and GM, as well as smaller firms needing specialized equipment. Look to us as your provider for the finest in material handling equipment and automation technologies.

Are you a distribution integrator? We’d love to show you how partnering with us can help you offer better service and automation solutions to your existing and potential customers.

Finally, we believe every project, regardless of its size or complexity, is an opportunity to create more efficiency and higher quality. Our diverse experience with multiple industries makes us faster to translate new ideas into a solution for any challenge.

Call us today. Let’s talk about how we make your operations more functional and cost efficient.