Adjustable Table

Look closely. This is not just a table.

Oh, it might resemble ones you’ve seen in the catalogs…all nice, shiny and, well, lightweight. You know the ones we mean – tables that can’t take a week on a factory floor. Oh sure, they promise the moon; heavy duty lift capacities and materials, but they tend to fall apart when tested in warehouse conditions.

And then there you are, back at your company’s purchasing agent’s desk, trying to convince him or her why you need a PO for another table so soon.

This most certainly is not that table. It’s a serious piece of equipment with attitude. It’s a place to throw down a few hundred pounds or more of “get-er’-done”. The legs stand up to whatever task you have in mind. No matter how many times you crank it up or down, you pick up or down where you left off the next day.

It’s not a table. It’s a piece of equipment that works as hard as you do and will outlast any of those other pretenders. But hey, if you want to call it a table, say it with respect.

The basic details:

• Lift capacity 1,000 lbs. (Static capacity 2000 lbs.)
• Steel 10 gauge fabrication and square tubing with leveling feet
• Base size: 32” wide x 70” long x 28” tall
• Adjustable height: 28-40 inches (12” range)
• 36” wide x 72” long x 1.25” thick butcher block
• Hand crank features hex for powered adjustment with drill
• Handle disengages when using drill
• Fold away handle keeps perimeter clear
• Optional 1/8” felt or PVC belting table top cover
• Optional casters and floor locks

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