Glide Tech™ Custom Spiral Chutes

Spiral chute haters, we get it. You don’t have time to unblock stuck packages on a chute. You want a constant rate of delivery, regardless of the size, material and weight. Our patent pending spiral chute works as designed, every time. It will change the flow of your operations and make you love chutes again. Promise.

  • Conveys a broad range of package weights (1 oz to 50 lbs +)
  • Any width, inside diameter and pitch
  • Unlimited rotation increments
  • Entry and exit straight chutes to suit
  • Ceiling or floor supports (even around building columns)
  • Galvanized sheet steel construction
  • Clockwise, counter clockwise rotations or s-curves
  • Bolt-together construction, ready to ship whole or in sections
  • Products conveyed against outside wall or toward center column
  • Line chutes with any material to enhance performance and longevity
  • Optional skate rollers for hard-to-convey products


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