Part Manipulators

  • All tools are designed to order for specific part configurations
  • Tools can include pivot features and/or quick change pivots for various parts (on same tool)
  • All cups, grippers, and magnets are selected to suit, all are typically adjustable to suit
  • Tools can be configured for specific part weights with fail safe features (to dropped parts)
  • All tool controllers will operate overhead pneumatic hoist to suit
  • hand controllers include vacuum on and off indicators
  • Dual hand triggers are used to engage parts and will not drop parts until loaded into nest
  • Check valves are included for loss of air conditions preventing parts from falling
  • Hand controls can be easily customized for tilt and rotate features as required
  • All tools include quick release couplings for easy change over
  • Optional storage carts can be manufactured to suit
  • Overhead counterbalanced hoist can also be supplied to suit

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