Engineering Services

Field Measurements and Layouts Drawings
We can create layout drawings showing our equipment and your existing equipment within your building to identify issues before installation.

Research and Development
We can “bench test” new solutions to determine if the idea will work and to acquire data to validate calculations.

Prototype and Testing
If a product is going to be manufactured in multiples, it is often a good idea to manufacture a single unit first for evaluation. Refinements implemented before production most often offset any delay of creating a prototype first.

Mechanical Design
The use of 3-D modeling is key to a successful design. It allows the designer and customer to thoroughly review a concept and identify functional and ergonomic issues along with adjacent machine interface issues early on in the process. Modeled parts can also be analyzed with software to identify potential failure before actually making a part.

Controls Design
We can create a controls package for a complete stand-alone system or integrate with your existing system. If you prefer, we can supply equipment with sensors and valves mounted and pre-terminated to I/O blocks ready to connect with equipment from your controls partners.

Project Management
Each project is led by a Project Manager who is the focal point of internal and external communication throughout the project. The Project Manager coordinates the project from start to end to ensure continuity and conformance to the project scope.

Reverse Engineering
If a replacement part is required, or a duplicate of an existing machine is needed, we can create the necessary drawings for manufacturing when none exist.

Design Enhancement
We can improve most product designs for improved function, manufacturability, or both. Performance can often be improved, and machines can be given a second life and modified for a new application. Existing designs can often benefit from a reduction in parts, more common parts, improved purchase parts, fewer fasteners and more.

Documentation and Manuals
We can support the design with a variety of documentation. A basic set of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic drawings can be supplemented with exploded assemblies, purchased component information and a recommended spare parts list. Manuals can also include equipment description, specifications, sequence of operations, installation instructions, maintenance info, troubleshooting guide and lubrication requirements. Manuals can conform to a customer format. Manual writing services are available for existing equipment.